So far so good for 30 years
So far so good for 30 years
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Our enterprise started our history from the 80s of the last century. The collective consolidates like-minded persons, who love the sky, machinery, and flights. Today, we are the company, which has its own Design Office and facilities with area of more than 2500 square meters, equipped with all necessary equipment for designing and producing the light airplanes, which take the deserving place on the market. We are investing into widening the line of the aircraft, including heavy unmanned aerial vehicles and distantly controlled aircraft.
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STOL is Short Take Off / Landing airplane, which runway distance comprises 80-100 meters. It is designed to use on unprepared sites.

The 20-year experience of operating our aircraft in various climatic conditions, from the far North to the hot South, has created the most successful aircraft.

The airplane is fantastically stable in flight. Airframe design provides high lifting force and stability even at low speeds, and for flight safety. Enjoy the views safely!

The design provides the matchless reliability, when the airplane is operated on unprepared sites out of the airfields. Installation of optional skis, floats, aircraft tires of low pressure or combined landing gear provides the round-the-clock operation of the airplane.
Short operating check list comprises 5 minutes, and you are enjoying the flight.

The design and equipment of the airplane are optimized in such way, that the cost of 1 km of flight comprises 0.17 rubles, what is considerably lower than the cost of any other competitor in this class.
It can be customized up to your demands. Individual painting, equipping and trimming of the cockpit, navigation and suspended equipment, landing gear versions - your airplane will be unique one! Your airplane is only for you.
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